About Deb

Hi, I’m Deb Brown Maher. Over the years I’ve worked in every sales position imaginable—from entry level sales to sales leadership roles. If you’re reading this, I know you’re looking for answers. To help you decide if you want to schedule a call to explore possibilities, I’ll share these three realities about myself:

  1. I can sell, and I can teach others to sell.  Whether you’re selling tangible products or intangible services, the sales process I teach and use can be adapted to any industry.
  2. I only work with people who understand that success takes hard work. All my clients are driven to succeed, and are willing to do what others won’t do to excel. They know that success comes at a price and are willing to pay it in order to achieve their desired results.
  3. I hold myself to the highest ethical standards. I refer to what I deliver as “values-based sales” because the strategies I share are always ethical and effective for building long-term customer relationships. 

I am passionate about helping others learn and grow. If you have questions, or would like to learn more, please schedule a call (no charge) and we’ll figure out if it makes sense to work together.

Are you committed to taking your business to the next level?