3 Principles to banish sales stereotypes

Sales, like any other profession, has its share of shady characters that cause buyers to be suspicious of anyone who is selling anything. This reality results in an undertone of suspicion if not blatant distrust before we even talk with a prospect for the first time.

Character, the expression of our identity, is where everything it takes to be good at sales starts, because what we believe about ourselves – and others — will drive our actions. People can’t read your mind or your intentions. They judge you by what you say and do. If you look, sound or act like the shady salesperson, that’s how you’ll be judged.

Similarly, when you say and do things differently, in a way that demonstrates your good intentions, you’ll connect more effectively and get better sales results. Jesus didn’t work from scripts. He operated from a set of principles that guided his actions. Here are 3 guiding principles that can revolutionize your sales results:

  1. Give up your right to be right.

If I have to be right, and we disagree, it makes you wrong. Relinquishing the need to be right frees us up to listen and ask things that establish connection instead of undermining it.

  1. Sales is not a convincing process.

Can I convince you of anything if you believe otherwise? If you said yes, you’re kidding yourself. The answer is no. Trying to convince someone to buy is completely counterproductive to effective sales. Instead, remind yourself that sales is about helping the buyer make the right decision for them – regardless of what you may think.

(I already talked about this in depth in one of my previous articles here: https://debbrownsales.com/heres-the-mindset-shift-that-can-double-your-closing-rate/)

  1. The buyer has the right to be suspicious.

Really? Yes, and here’s why. Although you may feel that “I’m a good person and I have the buyer’s best interest at heart,” the buyer doesn’t believe it unless you demonstrate your trustworthiness. Here is an approach:

  • Realize that they are suspicious
  • Invite your prospect to ask questions and fully evaluate their decision to buy or not.

That is the opposite of what most salespeople do. You demonstrate that you are a trustworthy advisor instead of a sales shark pressuring them to say yes.

These are not the only ways to set yourself apart, but they are a great place to start if you’ve never tried them. I’d love to hear about principles you’ve applied that have made a difference in your sales results.