Does selling feel like a necessary evil to you?

It doesn’t have to be that way!


Selling Without a Proven Strategy Can Be Costly

Do you feel like selling is a necesary evil?

Do you love helping people but hate getting them to buy?

Is pressure to succeed weighing you down?

Do you spend too much time educating prospects?

Is the whole process of getting business exhausting?

Feel Good About Selling and Getting The Results You Deserve

My sales training packages equip you and your team to make more sales without being pushy.

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“Prospects always ask us for discounts. Deb taught us to stand our ground on price, while asking questions to get a deeper understanding of the customer. Their answers help both of us figure out if they think our price is ’worth it’ or not. We let them decide, instead of feeling obligated to lower our profit margin.”
Jon Lantz

Salesperson, Glick Structures, Gap, PA


What is keeping you from selling more effectively?

Change is difficult. When it comes to changing how you sell, there is a lot at stake: your business, your future, your finances. You can shorten your learning curve and increase your success by working with a sales expert to guide you on what to change and how so you can quickly shift from underperforming to hitting your goals.


“Deb worked with me to reshape several negative attitudes I held about speaking with people in a business development context, so I no longer feel pressured to “sell” people something. Business development is no longer torture but is now fun!”
E. Welter

Esq. Welter Law, Herndon VA

“I never realized how my own negative self-talk was holding me back. Simply identifying those thoughts and updating them to fit my current goals has launched me into a whole new selling plain.”
D. Coy-Kajic

Real Estate Agent, Camp Hill, PA


Is your attitude toward sales fostering your success or undermining it?

Being passionate about your product or service is great, but passion alone is not a sales strategy. If you cringe at the thought of being called a “salesperson” because of the negative stereotype it sometimes implies, it’s time to learn how to adopt a servant-leadership approach to sales.

“Deb’s teaching and coaching have truly been an answer to prayer for me and my business. She has helped me more clearly identify and attach practical tools to the convictions I have carried in my heart for years regarding sales. I now have more confidence in my ability to love well in every business situation, keeping the needs and interest of my customers at the forefront while maintaining healthy boundaries.”
Susan Pontius

Independent Shaklee Distributor, Company61


Do you shy away from asking for the sale, and then feel guilty about following up because you don’t want to be perceived as pushy?

If you find yourself educating lots of people without commensurate sales to show for it (20-40% sales to appointments ratio), you’re operating under a false assumption that being “nice” is an effective sales strategy.
Hear me out. You don’t have to be mean. You do need to be intentional about your time and call for a decision from the buyer when you’ve fully qualified them. The “educate and wait” technique turns into “free consulting” that misses the mark.

“I learned selling and communication skills that are transferrable. That meant that as a manager, I successfully taught the same skills to my direct reports, which enhanced the whole team’s success.”
R. Mills

Business Development Manager, Lucent Technologies, Harrisburg PA


What do you do when sales results are falling short? How to you get an uplift in performance that is sustainable long-term?

It’s frustrating when you’re not seeing consistent sales results. If you’ve pushed the amount of activity people are doing to the limit, but still fall short of goals, it’s time to evaluate your sales process. Identify what works, what doesn’t and find proven methods to bridge the gaps.


“Deb helped me learn and implement a systematic, methodical approach to business development and leadership. The approach she teaches works not just in sales but in all interpersonal relationships.”
A. W. Carr

Financial Advisor, Liberty Financial Strategies, Lancaster PA


Do you have a sales process that guarantees you get the best possible outcome from every sales encounter?

Ever feel like you lost a sale but have no idea why? That’s probably because you went to the well-attended “seat of your pants” sales school. When you don’t have a system to sell by, it’s easy to miss critical steps, and undermine your own efforts. With a systematic approach, you’ll be able to maximize every sales opportunity.


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