Customer Service
Get new customers and keep them for life

The initial cost of customer acquisition can be quite high. It takes time, money, and human resources to gain a new customer. In fact, according to Marketing Metrics, businesses are 14x more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

Here are more shocking statistics:

A 5% increase in customer retention can see profits rise anywhere between 25-95%


86% of your customers will pay more, simply for a better customer experience


On average, a single happy customer will tell nine people about their positive experience


On average, a single angry customer will tell 16 people about their bad experience

Happy customers = more sales

Given the statistics, why wouldn’t we do everything in our power to keep customers?

Every person at your company that interacts with your prospects and clients makes an impression, whether it is neutral, good or bad. Don’t leave it to chance. This is why I train employees on customer communication strategies that help create a consistently great experience for your customer base.

Are you ready to invest in memorable customer service?
Empowering you to offer memorable customer service

Empowered staff

Every person on your staff is the face of your company when they interact with potential and existing customers. While this can be a daunting fact, it can also be empowering and loaded with potential. Through training, I teach your entire team how to feel empowered, engaged, and invested as they work with customers.

Increased team unity

No effective team functions as a “one man show.” No matter the business, operations are only effective when the team is able to move together as a cohesive unit. Working with your team, I help employees realize that they are contributing to sales—whether they’re “just answering the phone,” working in the accounting department, or delivering product.

Happier customers

Employees who feel appreciated by their employer and better equipped to succeed at their job are more likely to treat your customers with appreciation. And it’s no secret that the better service your customers experience, the more likely they are to buy more, pay more, and attract new customers.
Satisfied clients