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I’m Deb Brown Maher, president of Deb Brown Sales and author of Sell Like Jesus, and I want to tell you a story. It was 1965, summertime, and I’ll never forget the feeling…

My mom had bought me one of those little metal looms and different colored cloth loops so I could weave them into potholders. I made lots of them, but one kitchen can only use so many. So I decided to sell them around my neighborhood for 25 cents each. At the first door I knocked on, Mrs. Stevens bought three! I was thrilled. With 75 cents in my pocket I went to the next house and the next, and in a short time, I’d sold all but two of my inventory! I had enough money to buy more loops and put some money in my savings account. I was hooked on sales, and I was fearless!

Fifteen years later, armed with a college degree that had little practical value, I landed a sales job. That first week brought a rude awakening. Some people wouldn’t even talk to me. Others ended the conversation with “I’ll get back to you”—but they never did. My fearlessness vanished, replaced with a deepening awareness that I was being unfairly associated with the pushy used-car salesmen that everyone hates!

And so, I re-calibrated. I took a professional sales course and realized certain principles being taught really resonated with my faith. As a follower of Christ, I wanted to please God in all I did, so using any form of manipulation to get a sale was not an option. I knew God had gifted me to be good at sales, and that I could help people through the things I was selling. As I put the principles that were true to my faith into practice, people began to see me as a collaborator in their success, not a huckster. They trusted me.

I also started reading the Bible through a new lens, examining how Jesus communicated with all different types of people in the process of presenting His message (the “product” he was selling). Jesus attracted people. They felt good around Him. He targeted His message to each one. I reasoned that if I could apply the strategies that made Him successful, I could sell in a way that drew people to me, benefited them, and would allow me to make my living in sales — which I’ve done for more than 30 years now.

My search to improve never stops. I am a lifelong learner, and I believe in ongoing growth through cycles of study, implementation, evaluation, and adjustments. Along the way I discovered that other business owners, freelancers, home-based business people, and sales executives also struggle to overcome the negative sales stigma that I felt. But “sales” is not inherently evil. Just like any other profession, the “bad apples” leave a black mark on the profession that hurts us all.

In 1992, I began to train and coach others in successful, ethical sales strategies that bring positive outcomes for both buyer and seller. And in 2019, I incorporated those proven principles and strategies into my book, Sell Like Jesus. Applying the communication methods used by Jesus opens the doors to reap the benefits of the spiritual law of the harvest: Everyone reaps what they sow. In sales, as in life, when we do the right things for the right reasons, we get right results.

My career is proof that when we seek to serve others as Jesus did—when we “sell like Jesus”—we create sustainable partnerships that bring success and joy.

Where I earned my stripes (in addition to selling looped potholders):

Sales4You (1993-1998) — Sole Proprietor working with companies such as:


AMP Incorporated, short-term group training to improve sales methods


Hershey Foods, customer service training to ensure renewal business


AT&T/Lucent Technologies/Avaya—took Harrisburg B2B sales ranking from #61 (out of 62) to #1 in 18 months

PestPatrol (2001-2004) — VP of Sales, grew tech start-up sales to $8M in first 3 years (bought by CA, Inc.)

Computer Associates, Inc. (CA, Inc. 2004-2006) — Product Champion, grew global sales to $21M+ in one year.

Deb Brown Sales (2008 to present) — Sole Proprietor working with various businesses, small, medium and large, to improve sales and profit margins


What I do for fun and personal fulfillment:

Paint, primarily in acrylics and watercolors—work sold through Art & Soul Gallery, Camp Hill, PA and online at Worshipful Art

Speak (and sometimes paint)—at national and international conferences

Volunteer at church—praying for those seeking mental, physical or emotional healing

Practice my fluent Spanish—written and spoken

Garden—organic vegetables for personal consumption and to share with friends

Spend time with my husband Charles

Dote on my Ragdoll cat, Queen Sheba


“Deb Brown Maher blends decades of sales mastery with a lifetime of love for the Lord to exquisitely deliver a new and better way of selling.”

– Chad Burmeister, CEO, ScaleX.ai

Hey Deb, Thanks for all the insight helping me hone my inquiry and time management skills to get better results from my sales coaching sessions. Our team was awarded for the most XMobile sales in the Beltway Region! Thanks for your support! “
– Kevin Jones, Asst. Manager, Comcast Xfinity Stores, Arlington VA
“I am just finishing up the book “Sell Like Jesus”. This book has given me so many good tips to apply as a Licensed Realtor. Deb offers so many good action steps to try out to improve your selling. Looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in the days ahead. Thanks Deb Brown Maher for answering God’s call to write this book.”
– Shannel Garnes-Brown, Commercial Property Manager, Atlanta GA

“Before I started working with Deb, sales work was something I dreaded and was eager to avoid despite the key importance to my business growth. After being coached by Deb, I approach my sales work with enthusiasm and energy. It has become a creative outlet not a chore. Today I view sales work as a treasure hunt to finding that “gold” that leads to profitability.”

– Clare Price, President, Octain Growth Systems

“Deb helped me learn and implement a systematic, methodical approach to business development and leadership. The approach she teaches works not just in sales but in all interpersonal relationships.”
– A. W. Carr, Financial Advisor, Liberty Financial Strategies, Lancaster PA
“Deb has turned the sales process into an exciting, enjoyable win-win for our company, our customers and our prospects.”
– James Martin, Owner, Keystone Designer Furniture, Myerstown, PA

“I didn’t know that the INSTRUMENT (SELL LIKE JESUS) you gave me is a MASTER KEY that is now opening the DOOR of my mind to a brand new FUTURE. “Sell Like Jesus” is heavily loaded with DIVINE UNCTION and INGREDIENTS to eradicate ‘POVERTY, IGNORANCE and DISEASE’ in my family and my Nation LIBERIA. Thank you, Deborah”

– Michael Holder, Chaplain of the Senate of Liberia

“Before working with Deb, our team had the traditional sales team mindset of high-volume cold calls to generate sales. Deb taught us a better sales process that involved asking questions instead of pushing our own agenda onto potential clients. We learned how to shift from a transactional mindset to one that focused on solving our customers problems, which enabled us to sell to more customers, and get higher dollars/sale. Our new “other-centered” approach is helping us qualifying new leads more effectively, and do a better job serving our existing customers. Deb’s approach to sales takes away the pressure that usually comes with a sales role. It is truly a win-win method for our customers and our company. Thank you, Deb!”
– C. Harlacker, Sales Manager, Healthy Hemp, Harrisburg, PA
“I recommend Deb’s training to anyone interested in boosting their knowledge of sales that help apply Christian principles.”
– Amos Fisher, Red Well Construction, Lancaster PA
“I never realized how my own negative self-talk was holding me back. Simply identifying those thoughts and updating them to fit my current goals has launched me into a whole new selling plain.”
– D. Coy-Kajic, Real Estate Agent, ReMax, Camp Hill, PA
“I learned selling and communication skills that are transferrable. That meant that as a manager, I successfully taught the same skills to my direct-reports which enhanced the whole team’s success.”
– R. Mills, Business Development Manager, Lucent Technologies, Harrisburg PA

“I can attest to just how amazing Deb’s training is! As a business leader who has learned numerous styles of sales tactics over the years; suggestive sales, upselling, feature/benefit sales, etc. I found your consultative style to sales and coaching techniques the most effective in leading an efficient sales team and still use them to this day. I hope all is well with you and yours, its’ always great to see you continuing to share your expertise :)”

– Chris Schrumpf, Sr. Customer Service Manager, AEVI, Acworth, GA

“Deb’s approach to sales is the antithesis of the too common ‘manipulate, coerce, close’ sales advice. How refreshing to discover an approach that leads with character and aims for a win/win! Everyone who sells can benefit from the Sell Like Jesus approach!”
– Steve Wolgemuth, Author, Speaker and Marketing Leadership Consultant
Even when I want to change, it is still difficult at best. Having a coach to encourage me through the tough times as well as to celebrate my victories with me, made all the difference in my change journey.”
– L. Martin, Broker, Latus Commercial Realty
Deb worked with me to reshape several negative attitudes I held about speaking with people in a business development context, so I no longer feel pressured to “sell” people something. Business development is no longer torture but is now fun!”
– E. Welter, Esq. Welter Law, Herndon VA
Deb Brown’s sales coaching training has allowed me to open my mind to a new way to not only coach employees, but to improve my communication skills overall. Deb was engaging and extremely well versed in her subject matter. My short time in the course has greatly influenced the way I lead today and will continue to lead in my professional career ahead.”
– Alan S. Sales Manager, Telecommunications, Philadelphia PA

“I can attest to just how amazing Deb’s training is! As a business leader who has learned numerous styles of sales tactics over the years; suggestive sales, upselling, feature/benefit sales, etc. I found your consultative style to sales and coaching techniques the most effective in leading an efficient sales team and still use them to this day. I hope all is well with you and yours, its’ always great to see you continuing to share your expertise :)”

– Katy Miller, Construction Industry, Pittsburgh, PA

“Even when I know what I should be doing, it is sometimes hard to stay on track to do it. Deb knows just how to hold me accountable to follow through on my intentions.”

– E. Stevenson, Action Coach, Central PA

Deb’s teaching and coaching have truly been an answer to prayer for me and my business. She has helped me more clearly identify and attach practical tools to the convictions I have carried in my heart for years regarding sales. I now have more confidence in my ability to love well in every business situation, keeping the needs and interest of my customers at the forefront while maintaining healthy boundaries.”

Susan Pontius, Independent Shaklee Distributor, Company61

“Deb has shown us a new way of doing sales. We now have confidence in what we sell, how we sell it, and why we need to sell it at the price we do. She has taught us that if customers want to pay less for a product, show them a product that costs less, rather than sell at a discount.”

– Sam Glick, Owner, Space Maker Sheds, Gap, PA

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