Don’t hide your value. Your people need you.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Your buyer is the only one qualified to judge the value of your solution. What you, the seller, think takes second seat. Unfortunately, you cannot just ask someone what they value. People hold back critical information to protect themselves from being “taken” by a potentially unscrupulous salesperson.

Here are some questions that help uncover what a someone really values when it comes to purchasing a solution to their problem. Modify these to fit the product, service, or idea that you sell:

  1. What occurred that you are looking for a solution now?
    This question helps uncover whatever happened that brought an urgency to look ‘now’.
  2. How have you solved this issue in the past?
    This uncovers whether they had a solution and it stopped working, have a partial solution and need the whole, or it’s a problem that’s never been fixed.
  3. What has been the cost of not fixing this problem?
    The cost of inaction can be both financial and emotional, with both near and far-reaching consequences. The greater the cost, the more likely they are to buy.
  4. What has kept you from moving forward before this?
    This uncovers hidden reluctance to take action which you can address to help the overcome fear of the unknown.
  5. What do you want to see happen next?
    This question allows the person to articulate the change they seek. It encourages envisioning what life will be like when the solution is in place.

Here is why this is so good for you:
• You build trust because people express what’s really important to them and they feel understood.
• You demonstrate your expertise your expertise by uncovering the real issues. People see how much you know by what you ask, not by what you tell them.
• Your consistently kind treatment of people demonstrates your willingness to serve others which makes them feel valued.

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