Do you have enough time to be smart about managing your sales activity?

Time is valuable, fleeting and easily wasted. Nobody has enough of the stuff.

In truth, we can’t manage time. We can manage our activities.

Here are 5 ways to maximize the time you have through strategic scheduling:

1. Make a list of your revenue-generating sales activities and block time on your calendar to do them.

Think about your activities as “pay-time” and “no-pay time” actions. Only do the things that generate revenue during pay-time, like making calls and appointments. Do administrative activities, research and travel during no-pay time.

2. Align your schedule with your sales goals.

Sales success requires doing enough of the right revenue-generating activities. To do this you need to know your personal sales statistics. Start with your average dollars/sale divided into your revenue goal to get the number of sales needed. Then make sure you’re talking to enough leads to make the appointments needed to close that number of sales. If you’ve never tracked your behaviors-to-results, now is a good time to start.

3. Stop being “always available”.

Some sales professionals pride themselves on being available to their prospects and clients at any time. Although being available is important for relationship-building, being “always available” can wear you out. Instead, create set times on your calendar that you are “always available,” communicate those times to your customers, and then stick to that schedule.

Being “always available” also implies that your time has little value. As a resource to all of your prospects, it makes sense to maintain the position that you are a scarce resource.

4. Always evaluate the quality of time spent.

Sometimes we equate being busy with productivity. Make sure time is being spent wisely. What actions are getting results? How can you improve what you’re doing to get better results? Review successes and failures as they happen. If you don’t like the results, make changes.

5. Use your system to stay organized.

Whether it’s software or paper, CRM or spreadsheet, find a scheduling system to keep track of your time and your interactions.

In the end, if you don’t manage your time, everyone and everything else will. Time is a valuable asset. Protect your time, plan accordingly and time will serve you well.