What will be different for you next year?

It’s Christmas time! Here in Pennsylvania that means winter is upon us. Trees are bare, cold winds blow most days, and snow has already been falling. I love the change of season, though not so much the cold.

For many, including me, this is a time to reflect on the past year. We review victories as well as shortcomings in order to set intentions for the next twelve months.

Artist: Deb Brown Maher
Title: The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

This year I find myself making personal goals that will carry into my business. I will continue to help small business owners grow their sales. At the same time, I purpose to

  • Have more fun!!!
  • Schedule days of rest and reflection
  • Pray more with everyone I meet
  • Keep Hope in the forefront of every conversation.

I capitalize Hope because, just like Jesus is Truth, Peace, and Joy, He is Hope incarnate. I want to become a better reflection of His love to those around me every day.


Enjoy time with those you love. Know that I am praying for your professional and personal success.

With gratitude the He loved us first,