I start with a blank canvas, and no specific image in mind.
Only after seeking Holy Spirit for guidance do I begin painting.

Worshipful Art is visual art that is inspired by God and offered back to Him as a creative expression of worship. As Deb submits her hand to God’s inspiration, those present enjoy the unfolding of God’s visual message ‘real-time’. The final picture becomes a vehicle that God ‘speaks’ through to touch each person’s heart and soul bringing revelation, healing, love and peace.

Deborah Lynn Brown Maher, Fine Artist

Live Painting

Invite Deb to paint live during worship at your church, retreat, or other Christian gathering where worship is part of the program.

Prophetic Art Workshops

Deb is passionate about encouraging, equipping, and releasing other artists to paint in partnership with God. If you have a group of artists who want to learn more about combining art and worship, contact Deb to explore.

Art Lessons

Get individualized attention in Deb’s humble, living room studio. Lessons focus on how to integrate prayer and artistic technique to expand the student’s vision and ability to create God-inspired artwork.

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